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07 August 2014

You Stink!

Posted in Health

Let's be honest.....at one point or another, we all stink!  Whether it's a hot, hot sunny day or a really intense workout, we all get our stink on:)  Most new Moms experience a change in body odor that deodorant can't even help:(  If you're like me, you are concerned about what you put on and in your body and you know that women's deodorant contains aluminum (among many other chemicals) which is extremely harmful.  I've tried all of the "natural deodorants" from the stores and they NEVER WORKED!  Well, my girl Rachelle gave me a recipe that she swears is amazing and works!  I decided to put it to the pit test.  Does it really work and is it really super easy to make?  Watch this video and find out!
Test it our for yourself and in the comment section below let me know what happened.

25 July 2014

Ice Cream That's Good For You!

Posted in Nutrition

Are you having a moment where you just want to stuff your face with ice cream?!?!  Do you need that sweet treat to satisfy a craving?!?!?  Well, whatever the reason, you can have your ice cream and eat it too!!!  Beat the heat with this deliciously healthy ice cream.  Your kids will love it and it's ready in 5 minutes or less!

03 July 2014

Healthy Foods at Costco?

Posted in Nutrition, The Yummy Mommy Revolution

Did you know that Costco has some really great, healthy options?  Come with me as I take you on a tour of some of my favorite things I buy from Costco - GMO free, organic, gluten free.......

22 June 2014

How to Help a Colicky Baby

Posted in Health, The Yummy Mommy Revolution

Does your baby spend most of the day crying?  Have you tried everything to get him or her to stop, but nothing works?  Try this!
You can find out more about Dr. Nareeta at http://www.strawberriesandsunshine.ca/

17 June 2014

How to Find Safe Sunscreen

Posted in Health

It's time for fun in the sun!  Don't forget the sunscreen......that you are going to lather all over your child's body.......that's full of dangerous chemicals.........
But wait, there are safe options.  Here is the EWG list I was talking about so you can see exactly what's in the sunscreen and how safe it is.  Let the good times roll!!
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